Vittorio Puggioni Photographer

My name is Vittorio Puggioni. I was born in Genoa and I still live and work in this town. But I’d rather talk briefly  about my relationship with photography and not about myself.

Photography has always been and still is more than a passion to me. It is a way of being, a way of living, of perceiving reality. It is a means of expression. It gives me the chance to show how I see things, how my eyes read what surrounds us. The camera and its lens  become an extension of my body. My head, my eyes, my arms, my  hands, the camera and its lens melt together and the amazement, the quick and sudden emotions  that my brain perceives and feels materialize on the sensor of the digital reflex, in the same way as they got fixed on films in the past.

Photographs mark our steps along the path of life.  Rummaging in an old photo box we may feel past emotions again, recognize faces  that belong to our past but that we feel as present. We may find our old photos as children and realize how we have changed, or maybe how little everyday life and events have managed to change us.

Photography has given me a lot of professional and personal satisfactions and has allowed me to get to know people and places, to tell the stories of individuals and whole families. Thanks to photography I can continue to cultivate my second passion, which is the natural environment and the creatures which live there. Documenting the beauty of nature, the emotion of a meeting with a wild animal, the elegance of a movement or the wide range of colours and shapes, gives me the opportunity to share with other people the sensations I feel. I am an incurable naturalistic  photographer, curious about nature, and I hope I can transmit all this in my pictures.

Vittorio Puggioni is a photographer. He was born and lives in Genoa. He has cooperated with CBA – Advanced Biotechnology Centre, with the Plastic Surgery Department of IST, Genoa, and with the Italian League of Fight against Cancer (Genoa branch), for which he made the calendar in 2003. He also cooperates with WWF Italy  through the Ligurian regional branch based in Genoa (whale watching activities, photographs for the campaign Un’ora per la terra and biodiversamente in 2010) and with the publisher “Il piviere” from Piedmont.

Vittorio Puggioni